12 Jul 2013

A good partner for your Frucosol juicer

Summer is here...Hot...Sun....you are thirsty...but we can help you because...do you know something better and healthier than a cool fresh orange juice??

Since 1991, Frucosol has been manufacturing automatic orange juicers in its factory in Calahorra, La Rioja (Spain). At this moment, Frucosol juicers are present in more than 70 countries all over the world, so we can say we are manufacturing something very useful for our customers.

Now, as we are a dynamic company, we want to go ahead and offer our friends another machine that will be the perfect partner for our juicers: a glasses and cups cooler. With this machine, you won't need to buy a freezer cabinet to put inside a lot of cups or glasses, but you will chill it in a few seconds!! I invite you to see a video of how it works here, and visit the website our marketing department has prepared about it.

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